Feedback Fractal is a public art project by artist, Conrad Cortellini. Video Feedback takes the output of the camera and makes it the input. A fractal is the output of a recursive mathematical process. Up to now, fractals have best been viewed with the assistance of a computer. This project intends to convert the ethereal fractal pattern generated by video feedback into a tangible work of art of monumental proportion and public import.

The 34 ft. x 24 ft. wall hanging will require 307,200 handmade paper elements. This monumental task will be accomplished through the process Cortellini likes to call “distributed art production.” The sculpture will be divided into 192 equal sections engineered to integrate into the whole.

Cortellini is seeking 192 individuals interested in participating in the collective making of this monumental work. A high level of interest and motivation coupled with craftsmanship will prove greater assets than artistic background. Materials, tools, and support will be provided. Recognition, pride, satisfaction, and compensation will be earned. 

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