As a successful candidate you will be one of 192 Artisans that will create the art work. You will receive materials, tools, and support to complete the 1,600 individual paper Elements that will need to be cut, folded, glued and placed in a specific location. It will require skill, patience, and perseverance on a level that can only be obtained if you have love for the work.

The work will test you in at least two ways: 


  1. First: making 1,600 elements is a large task that will test your perseverance. We estimate that 320 hours will need to be allocated to the task.
  2. Second: maintaining a high level of quality will be paramount. Because your work will ultimately be integrated with the work of 191 others, each Element must be as close to perfect as possible. There will be lasting benefits as well. Apply to see more details on the rules for qualifying, contractual arrangements, and compensation.


Artisans can also be Supporters or Patrons.

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