My Dearest Brother

My brother Paul (Paolo in Italian) and I have traveled different paths in life.

He is an accountant and his career was in finance. Throughout most of our adult lives, we inhabited different worlds. The exception was our sharing of the love of food - something we did often at our mother's house.

Since he retired a few years back, he is discovering his creative side. He developed a blog that holds the entire illustrated history of the extended Cortellini family infused with a copious number of examples and recipes of our family's culinary predilections. He has recently turned the recipes of the blog into a cookbook that is soon to be published. I applaud; great job - very creative.

Here is a link:

He surprised me however when he volunteered himself and his lovely wife Roz to participate in Trial One of the Feedback Project. Here is a clip of what they had to say about their experience:

The Feedback Fractal Project has opened a new chapter in our relationship. Their workmanship was of the highest quality, they have pledged a substantial sum to Kickstarter on behalf of the project and are spreading the word. Most gratifying to me is the fact that they have volunteered  to assemble a section as Artisans. Applause, Applause!